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You are the best. You've really helped grow our business and increase our viability. Thank you very much for being the best at what you do - getting the word out!

- Vegas Guitars

I was amazed at how quickly I received my first call from your site. I have had several more in the short time I have been listed and they have resulted in good jobs and satisfied customers. I very much appreciate your site and am glad I found it.

- Wagner Custom Guitars

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The service has been a great tool for directing people to us. Thank you for the opportunity!

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Just a thanks for a job well done!

- Third Coast Guitar Service

Great service you offer, it is a pleasure to help your referrals with all of their guitar needs.

- Atomic Guitar Works

Great idea, happy to be available for your service.

- Music Xchange

Thank you for the repair referrals. I feel the customers feel confident in your recommended shops.

- Willcutt Guitars


- J. Thomas Davis Guitar Maker

Thanks for your service, you are doing everyone a favor by getting people in need to those of us who can help. Thank you again!

- Elderly Instruments

Thanks for including us on your site. We've gotten many contacts from it. Great site. Thanks again.

- Campbells Music Service

Thanks for the emails. Keep up the good work!

- Elevation Music

I do appreciate your including me in on your site! I have had several emails and calls as a result. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

- Franklin Guitar & Repair

Thank you!!

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I guess from me it will mainly be a job well done, keep up the good work!...I'm sure things will continue to grow for you and your site in the future. I've definitely gotten some great business from your site as I'm sure other shops have nationally.

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Thanks for the referrals. We've gotten a couple of good jobs from your site.

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Thanks for the referrals! With 27 years of business, its great to have you guys doing what has been needed to be done for a long time.

- Guitar Tech Corner

You have a nice service, and I'm happy to be included!

- S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments

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This site is great as I have just moved here and don't know where anything is located. Seeing as well that I just cracked my guitar this site is quite convenient. Great idea. Thanks.

- Adriana, Calgary

It was a nice surprise to find a place near me. Thank you!

- Maria, NY

Awesome, I was having trouble finding a repair store near me since I just moved here. Thanks!

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This is a great idea. I appreciate the opportunity to contact so many repair shops with one click.

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Thank you so much it is so helpful to have you guys out there!

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I really appreciate having this service available. Thank you to who ever set this up.

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That was easy!

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Great site and very helpful.

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That was easy enough! Great service.

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I think that this whole email problem thing is pretty cool. It helps get the job done. AWESOME!!!!

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Thank you for this site. It was extremely helpful.

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A brilliant idea for a site.

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Very nice layout. Didn't think I would ever find the time to get multiple estimates, but you made it cake.

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Very easy. It's a great idea.

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Website is a great idea - keep it up!

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Thank you Eric. You are a life saver

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Great idea, i have never heard of the site and will def. use it again.

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I've been looking all over for an outlet to find ANY luthier. This has been the only one that has been helpful. Thanks.

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Being able to contact multiple store through your site is very helpful.

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Thanks so much, that was SO helpful! You have no idea how much you helped : )

- Allie, Massachusetts

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

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Good stuff!

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I like being able to email many stores at once. Thanks for setting up the site.

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Way cool, I have used the site before very helpful. Thank You!

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This site was very helpful. I did not know how to get the guitar repaired. It belongs to a 9 year old girl. I am a grandma.

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This is way too convenient thanks a lot!

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Thank you for existing. God bless you.

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Very convenient and helpful.Thank you

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I have not gotten any responses yet (it has been all of 30 seconds since I sent my question), but I really like this website. You guys have a good idea here. Thanks.

- Frank ,

Very helpful, I was not aware there were so many nearby guitar repair shops in my area.

- Pete Lauer, Oreland, PA

It has been helpful to me cause I know nothing about guitars my hubby knows it all. But its hard to surprise him if I have to ask him about things, thanks for being here for this wife.

- Amy, Creve Coeur, IL

This is a great way to get quotes, etc. to many stores! It was fast and convenient and I will recommend this to others!

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I think the website was great, as I have been looking in the phone book all morning, and havent found any one who could help.

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This is the first time I have used a site like this. Its nice to know that help is out there and that someone cares.

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